Dream Trainer Ruby App

JonthumbPosted by Jonathan Weyermann on September 4, 2017 at 4:04 AM

My work for the Edmonton Dream Centre, and a course on Technology for Teachers inspired me to try to build an educational platform that would function both as a testing tool and a learning platform. While quiz-making apps exist, most do not support the creation of even rudimentary learning modules. Even educational tools typically cater more to Quizzes (for instance Socrates), or more on learning content, at the expense of testing (Blendspace comes to mind).

The Dream Trainer is an attempt to combine both learning modules and testing (multiple choice, for now) in a single web interface. While designed for the Edmonton Dream Centre, it will be made available to the public as well.

Unlike more open platforms like Udemy, Students or Employees (leaners) will only be able to participate through an invite from an instructor, making it ideal for a classroom or a business where information should not be made available to the public. Each instructor will have their own private space to create modules and quizzes, and the people he invites will be able to view only the one instructor's material.

The app is made with ruby on rails, and is available at trainer.jonathanweyermann.com

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