In search of an Android Wiki

JonthumbPosted by Jonathan Weyermann on September 4, 2017 at 4:04 AM
Colornote intro

Having recently read Pragmatic thinking and Learning by Andy Hunt, I realized I should try to find some way to build a personal wiki. A personal wiki can function like a mind map, and since links can go to anywhere, information doesn't have to be strictly hierarchical.

I realized that one of the simple tools I already use, Color Note, is capable of creating links to other pages. To do it, you simply add [[  ]] brackets around a string of text, and it instantly links to another page. If the page doesn't exist, Color Note will all you to create it once the link is clicked. This has encouraged me to reorganize colorNote.

I've noticed that a windows 8 Metro version of Color Note has been released, which has helped made color note more useful for me, but I still wish there was a general web service for it. I realize there are other organizational tools, but I find Color Note the most useful, as its very quick to use, and has a good amout of versatility.

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