JonthumbPosted by Jonathan Weyermann on September 4, 2017 at 4:04 AM

TeamViz is by far my favorite time management tool. At the very basic level it is a pomodoro tracking tool. It even sounds like a tomato timer. But it's so much more than that. It allows you to plan tasks in multiple categories and split them into Pomodoro. It allows you to assign an estimated number of pomodoro to a task which you can change at any time. Unlike other pomodoro tools i've tried, it doesn't try to limit your pomodoros per task to 6 or 7 before splitting it up, and this gives a lot more flexibility if you wish to group certain kinds of tasks into one. 

Another thing I love about it is the reports feature. It allows one to review the number of pomodoros done in the past, and shows a very pretty graph. There is limit to far back you can go, and it is thus easy to assess and track your progress. It encourages me to try for more pomodoro to break previous weekly or daily records. A key feature of the pomodoro is that distracting thoughts or tasks are to be written down for later, and teamviz allows for that as well.

TeamViz is not without some faults however. The most glaring is that the android version is completely unreliable. Typically it will crash before the timer is up, and thus i've given up its use altogether. The desktop version are generally stable, but they do have the occasional graphical glitch. For instance, the program can't display pomodoro past 99 on the main interface window, and the rows of pomodoro on the timer window tends to run off the screen.

Nevertheless, it is the best combined pomodoro/overall project tracker that i know of. Typically it takes two programs to accomplish what TeamViz does, and I find that too cumbersome to be practical.

At this point all the features seem to be free, although the company website states that the synchronization is actually $1.99 a month. If this ever got enforced, I would have to upgrade, as its a must have feature, as TeamViz runs on all of my computers, on both windows and ubuntu, and without the synchronzie feature it would lose a lot of its appeal.

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